Saint Seiya Online Rules

You agree to follow these rules below by playing on our server!
  • 1. Only 3 accounts online at the same time per person.
  • 2. Abusing referral program will cause account(s) delete or BAN.
  • 3. Respect each other.
  • 4. No Drama, if a GS, GM or Admin requests you to stop, please stop.
  • 5. No spamming at World Chat. This is because if someone needs help and you spam, no one will see that persons request.
  • 6. No advertising other servers.
  • 7. Do not start a fight with anyone over anything. This connects to Rule #4.
  • 8. No talk about religion, politics or sexuality in World Chat. Why? Because some people get sensitive about certain subjects and can trigger them. So please respect this rule just as you'd respect Rule #4.
  • 9. Do not "trade" other items from other Servers via World Chat, or in general. We will not be able to help with the outcome, as well as you might get banned for breaking Rule #7.
  • 10. No Account Selling via: ingame transactions, real cash transactions,gold transactions.
  • 11. No Account Trading, trading your account for an account and/or items on the same or another server.
  • 12. Virtual currency you can buy via real money due its nature can not be charged back.
  • 13. PK during PvE events is now strictly forbidden. It covers areas with mobs that drops items required for such events.
  • 14. It is forbidden to PK players with level diffrence of 20+. (Player LVL 80 can not kill players LV60 and lower, etc). PvP Events, Illusion Area, World Bosses and Chest Guard system is excluded.
  • 15. Any toxic behavior in private and public chat channels is now forbidden.
  • 16. COVID related jokes or insults are strictly forbidden.
  • 17. It is forbidden to use `Golden Triangle` (Gemini) skill against farming characters.
» WARNING: Account sharing with clan mates, friends, family members etc is at the owner discretion. We cannot help if the account is lost or sold without the owners permission. So please be wary of who has access to your accounts.

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Server events

  • Sanctuary FFA
    Starts in 10:19:24
  • Sanctuary FFA
    Starts in 11:19:24
  • Galaxy Arena PvP
    Starts in 12:19:24
  • Sanctuary FFA
    Starts in 15:19:24
  • Sanctuary FFA (SUB)
    Starts in 21:19:24
  • Sanctuary FFA (SUB)
    Starts in 22:19:24
  • Sanctuary FFA (SUB)
    Starts in 23:19:24
  • #23 SSO PvE Event
    Ends in 89:19:23
  • Donation Promo +20%
    Ends in 89:19:23

Server info

    + 20%
  • EXP
  • GOLD
  • DROP
  • Hourly
    +60 (x2)
  • Vote 1 (x2)
    +600 (every 12h)
  • Vote 2 (x2)
    +600 (every 12h)
  • Vote 3 (x2)
    +1200 (every 24h)

Random players on server

  • Keith
    Realm 14
  • Eiakos
    Realm 14
  • Rodia
    Realm 15
  • wass
    Realm 13
  • Reaction
    Realm 13
  • DeadTime
    Realm 14
  • CostaxX
    Realm 7
  • _Shijima
    Realm 13
  • Arawn
    Realm 9
  • Allan
    Realm 15